Hello there! We suppose everybody know the situation in Italy and we just one more time wish a good health for our country and for sure, for all, all other countries we already in contact with, where we made projects already and where we would like to go in the future. Yes, all newspapers are on the table, yes we know about the falling down of the economy, we don't know how the situation will go with the Covid and we just hope, hope that everything will be good and all the world need it.

Last year and begin of this year with our Precitools and our press brake tools presentation we covered more countries and found more partners. Our project is worldwide, we sell tooling to any customer from any country who has the press brake and we hope you all will be satisfied and return to us. Last year we touched the Middle East and some tools to United Arab Emirates, we made more projects in Germany and Austria (and you can write us in German as well), begin of this year we made activity in Iceland, we made first projects last year in Africa and we cover also some ex-USSR countries and for sure Russia as well! Whatever you want - standard or specials, find the technology or just to replace the tooling from our competitor we will be glad to give a hand. And really, we have too much worries with this damn virus, we are sorry for tradegy and are looking forward for your countries go well.

The present situation is really shit and all the world together should kick it away. You need to work and to bend, we need to supply tools, government need us active, wealthy and paying taxes, so please let us all stay safe and active. We really would like to hope that the industrial production business goes well. Today we are closed, our customers are closed, our partners are closed but we think it is also the time for brainstorms, optimizations, new efficiency, new products and development of activities. And after the exit of quarantine everybody will full of ideas to lead to the new tops and roofs.

Good luck to all of us!