Actual 2
As we told a lot of time one of our strong points - our knowledge and flexibility. We can understand you without drawings if you will call us to request the press brake tools for old OMAG (sorry, not cheap but we know the codes), we understand the requests from Spain about Ajial machines (and I don't know why but there a lot of them in Spain), we made and supplied Promecam to Beyeler modified tang for punches to Portugal, we have all the codes of EHT, original Bystronic, LVD, whatever. Sorry we can't supply 3P Hammerle tools and really this is only one difference I know. And we hope for all other projects we are in game. Moreover not only tooling - cabinets, bending film, holders and adapters, we will supply to you even the angle meter if you want to request from us and not to buy it in the nearest shop.
Our knowledge is power and we also really like to give the good recommendations which can help. We are not the company who will tell to study catalog, we will make the study instead of you.

New press brake - bending job to start. Strange but truth, we have a lot of people who is in position of purchasing or just purchase the press brake but don't know about cad files and to open .dxf format. We should help, really, at least to explain all about geometry and to show the details, as maximum to provide the study of bending. We need to sell our tooling but we want our customers to know more are to know all about them.
We also need to pay time about standard or specials because solution with special could make twice, triple and more... investments with tooling delivery more than 5 weeks. And our customers want to know how, why etc. and we quite good with press brake tools, really.

We studied the market all over the world and we know the weak and strong points. We know the possibilities of competitors, we know the exclusive points of original tools, we can verify original geometries and we are quite confident with prices. We are not the cheapest one but we are quote economic to the quality. And we are taking care of special projects as well.
We are making door delivery. Not a big advantage, but we are not charging to it, the tariff is only the transport company. You will have the same or lower price than you can obtain yourself and we will take care of all things, just will send the tracking and expected date of the tooling arrival.

Waiting for you, guys, your requests are always welcome. This year the activity is the lowest one but as you in production, we are also looking forward for grow in our production and sales.