Special note about the coating
Hello! Suppose we already pointed something about coating in the past but today it is necessary to specify it in the separate article. The case we received was this one - customer used original dies, replaced with non-original, was very happy with the original tooling and new tool life was less than one year.
Everybody should know the daily and hourly maintenance rules for press brake tools - cleaning of tools and oiling with thin oils. We found somewhere even WD40 spray recommendations. Press brake tools catch a lot of alien particles from the sheet to bend and this effect greatly increases during the bending of plastic foil covered materials, aluminum, parts which are made with oxy- laser cutter parts and the most and most destructive process is the bending of galvanized materials.
I suppose you will never find the production where operator really makes cleaning of tooling at least one time in 30 min. So you can imagine what is happen every time - foreign particles accumulate on working areas of the tooling and then are pressed additionally by the force of new bend. You can imagine what happen it will last longer – pressed particles will be compressed mainly between die, punch and material but also make damaged interaction with the tooling, especially radius of dies. Returning to the begin - a lot of original tooling producers make coating as default. Coating is great thing to increase tool life and remember that coating helps with bending for all but it is highly recommended as the way to prevent the corrosion for the tooling and to prevent the additional wear if bending galvanized materials.
So the customer was happy with original tooling, paid half of price, purchased tooling without coating and disappointed that the tooling wear was so high during daily bending of zinc plated steel. For sure the truth - nobody cared about cleaning of tooling all the time or every 10-20-30 bends as recommended. So for these customers coating is the right and only way to purchase the tooling and to be satisfied with the life of use.
But for example our company (and a lot of other companies) do not have coating in default and leave it as the option which customer could have if he requests. So he should understand that he needs coating at the begin which is highly important for him to make the correct purchasing at the begin. But even to recommend this we, for sure, need to have information about the material of the customer at the begin. Coating for sure the thing which makes press brake tools more expensive but it is quite reasonable investment. Meanwhile in our work it is up to the customer but at least he need to be informed does he want it. We also would like to warn managers - if you are looking forward to study the full investment compare to the tool life please verify that you factory follows up for recommendations for tooling maintenances which is usually on the operators shoulders. So the rules are as every product - if you care about the tooling and will last to the maximum.
Let us say – we do not know about any public and real comparison of coating so it means that It is incorrect to put percentage of tool life increase – believe us, it is the marketing from all the companies! And there is no like direct calculation like I will pay for tooling 20% higher and they will stay 40% longer. Anyway no doubt – we put in the circumstances when you need the coating and you should purchase with coating.