At the present time the dictionary is at the process of permanent fill-in. We are sorry for these troubles. Please come later or contact us for any information.

To make more simple any communications we made this dictionary. Here you can find all the main terms connected with press brake machines and construction, press brake tools, main principles and details of sheet metal bending technology and much more. We hope that this dictionary can help newcomers to learn main things and to easy understand why some details are important even to offer press brake tools to do the job. This is not the wiki and we do not to replace them because our explanations are much shorter. Moreover it helps us also to explain more precisely what the information we would like to collect about the machine of the customer and why is it for.
Please note that our information about press brakes is independent and could be not the same as construction / model / possibilities of the particular press brake.

Why you should need our dictionary?

point  You looking forward to get more details about press brakes, construction and principles for the study, work, university work etc.

point  You want to buy your first press brake and want to be familiar with all basic terms to contact in one language with the supplier.

point  You should change the job for press brake operator or study the manual with missing of some basic information which could help.

point  You involved in supplies and purchases and want to understand more about the types of press brake tools to be more cleared with the received offers.

point  You want to get some information for other specific reasons and do not satisfied with your Google/Bing search. So as we because all the information of basic terms comes only from wiki as one big article about everything without specification and from manufacturers who try to explain the advantages of their machines with the missing of starting.


Axes |  Backgauge |  Beam or traverse |  Bending length |  CNC control |  Crowning |  Deflection |  Distance between shoulders |  Force |  Frontal table |  Opening or daylight |  Light guard |  NC |  Parallelism |  Press brake |  Ram |  Safety |  Sequence |  Simulation |  Support table |  Speed |  Stroke |  Table |


Gooseneck punch |