Gooseneck punch

Gooseneck punch is the punch with special inclined shape. The typical geometry of gooseneck punch means the hollow zone (or deep zone) in the middle which allows to bend the parts even with the intersection of the line of bending of the part without risk of collision. The shape can give possibility for the longer return of flanges which normally means the possibility to bend more deep typical profiles, U-channels, special profiles and other parts.
Usually because of the construction gooseneck punch can't afford the same heavy tonnage as the straight punch so the use of gooseneck shape for the heavy applications and thick materials are limited.
Every tooling system (Promecam, Trumpf-WILA, American etc.) offers the selection of gooseneck punches for the purchasing.
The most flexible and useful for bending of deep profiles could be gooseneck punches with max. possible height (usually standard available could be H=200-220 mm but is possible to offer 300 mm and more).

According to our personal opinion instead of starting set for new press brake in tools for customer is much more reasonable to purchase the gooseneck punch and not the standard straight punch.

Here are various applications to achieve with the use of gooseneck punch:

Bending of small deepness areas with the minimum distance between bends
Gooseneck punch with bending of minimum distance between bends

Bending of big deepness U-profiles
Gooseneck punch for bending of big deepness U-profiles

Bending of wide U-profiles
Gooseneck punch for bending of wide U-profiles

Special configurations of gooseneck punches for bending of last bend of special profiles
Special gooseneck punch for bending of special profiles