Hi there!
Here you will find some useful or not very useful information dedicated the bending with the use of press brake machine and press brake tools. Together with promotional info we would like also to make some materials and assist people who are involved in press brake bending process. The target is the good source where you can find all things which you need. There are real reasons of this – normally users with the same applications do not know how to deal with other pieces and processes. For example at the near time we met the person with long years in press brake technologies but he never knows the theoretical bumping process. Because never connected with it.

Some words about us as introduction and main answers to all our customers. Sure thing everything is dedicated for promotion. We are offering to our customers’ good quality Italian tools and looking forward for your inquiries. Normally, there is a lot of competition in Italy. And mainly we respond to all the customers – check offer conditions and prices. Induction hardening is the same so nearly the quality of tools is the same. We are not better and we are not worse than other manufacturers according to the quality terms so there are no risks to be afraid.

In the meantime we are ready to assist even if you need press brake tools now. We can consult with bending applications and probably also provide the service to develop the technological process in the specialized software. So if you will have any troubles just tell us what are you looking for and probably you will find a good solution partner. With best regards to your business,