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Press brake tools production

Press brake tools made in Italy with high quality

Production introduction

can confirm that our press brake tools are manufactured with the use of professional CNC machine tools with high-quality standards, Italian raw materials, and the highest precision and tolerance to be obtained for the long use of our products. “Made in Italy” Flag IT - is similar to the best quality and today Italian press brake tools are one of the most powerful products accepted in production in industries all over the world. Moreover, we would like to note that today more than 50% of press brake tools used worldwide are of Italian origin.
The big variety of standard pieces equal to competitors' products allows offering from us different solutions and geometry even with standard tools to perform the quality of different bends even with complicated shape configurations. The reasonable and competitive price ranges including the seasonal discount offers and special prices for new customers and new press brakes allow our customers to choose Italian-origin tools even against the cheap Asian industrial production.

Production of Precitools press brake tools

Material and hardening

Our press brake tools are passed through an induction hardening process to have maximum protection and hardness on the working areas where the tool has contact with the part during the bending process. The standard declared hardness at the working area is 55-60 HRC (mainly the shoulders of the die, and the tip of the punch). Depth is 3-4 mm. We use high-quality local materials which fit the best metallurgical standards and conditions.

We offer different types of materials for use in press brake tools:
list Economy standard – C45 material with internal resistance 650/680 N/mm2
list Production standard – C45 quenched material with internal resistance 800/850 N/mm2
list Professional standard – Cr42Mo4 material with internal resistance 1000/1100 N/mm2
list Professional standard – 1.2312 material with internal resistance 950/1100 N/mm2
If requested we are able to provide the complete data of the material and chemical and physical details.

Cutting of press brake tools to length

Cut to length

Normally we offer the standard length of press brake tools:
list Promecam (Euro) style: 835 mm solid, 415 mm solid and 805 mm sectioned
list New Promecam (Euro) style: 835 mm solid, 415 mm solid and 800 mm sectioned
list Trumpf-WILA style: small pieces 25-50 mm, 100 mm, 200 mm, 300 mm, 500 mm solid and 550 mm sectioned
list WILA style: 100 mm, 200 mm, 515 mm solid and 550 mm sectioned
list Bystronic-Beyeler style: 100 mm, 500 mm solid, 550 mm sectioned and 1100 mm sectioned (under request)
list LVD style: 508 mm solid and 550 mm sectioned
list COLLY-AJIAL: 505 mm, 1020 mm solid and 1020, 1250 mm sectioned

Meanwhile, we are open to discussing the individual length configuration to provide the special length pieces with a customized cut to length as well as manufacturing of long length pieces up to 2000 mm or higher. Long configurations of 6000-8000 mm which are used in high tonnage applications are possible to offer as well.

Support press brake users with bending tools

To support any single press brake and any application

There are hundreds of different trademarks of press brakes and a lot of press brake tool systems from worldwide used very rare and uncommon. Moreover even one manufacturer of press brakes could have different clamping systems depending on the model and the year of construction.
Our task is to follow every customer and to support any press brake from the start if the customer wants to purchase a new machine and including the production cycle if the customer is looking to replace the old tooling or to buy new pieces for his new jobs. We are able to achieve it with the large variety of standard tooling and possibilities to offer adapter solutions to move from any tooling system to, for example, economic and effective Promecam tools. We are trying to study precisely each project with maximum detail and we hope that any of the customers will find the solution he is looking for. We are able also to study the complete situation with the tooling management in the company where are different press brake tooling systems used to give the optimized principles with the universal use of purchased tools.

Marking of press brake tools

Marking and storage of press brake tools

All our press brake tools have laser marking including all the necessary data:
list Code of tooling
list Angle, radius, die-opening, tonnage, and other data
list Length of the piece (for small pieces in sectioned tools length and other parameters are marked under request because of small space)
list For old codes, we can mark them as well (together with the present code or without)

We understand that based on the production system used in the factory could be requested and we are able to realize the:
list Bar code / QR code to implement the use of the tooling inside the factory storage system and easy tracking
list Any consulting and advice for use of the tooling in the factory system, fulfilling of customer's requests for "lean production" / 5P / Industry 4.0 systems
list Tooling storage solutions (cabinets, cases, trolleys for press brake tools)

Project and development of press brake tools

From idea to production

During the study of projects, there are a lot of reasons why standard press brake tools are not enough to make the part. Sometimes it is enough to modify the radius, sometimes we need to offer tools with special lengths and sometimes it is necessary to prepare new geometry of tooling. Any project came from the idea but finally should be supplied as the complete working tool to realize the bend. Moreover, it is quite important to make a working and interesting solution but reasonable for a production workshop and not overpriced.
We are ready to provide any solutions according to our experience with a reasonable price and verification of the possibility to bend with the software simulation. Any drawing could be verified and modified by the customer choosing the material. Besides the punches, we can provide special Multi-V bending dies and individual adapters for your press brake.
We have various solutions for special bending tools for special forming, punching, hemming/flattening, deep bending, etc. We are able to study also the requests for not general operations for press brakes such as corner cutting, hole punching, louvers forming, etc.

Studies of force stress and material deformations for press brake tools

Deformation and stress studies for tools

If necessary, for standard and special applications we carefully study the possibilities of our press brake tools to perform the operations and non-troubles continuous work. In case of the requirements to provide strong punches for the big forces, we can develop the heavy tools with more material and elimination of sharp radius which could be a risk for wear.
During the design and development, we are able to use special software and can perform the study of deformations in engineering FEM (Finite Element Method) analysis. So detailed studies could ensure us and the customer that the offered solution is completely acceptable for his job and we can control the specification loading for the tool of max. possible tonnage.
In very precise applications where any deformations tolerances are important, based also on the possibilities and technical details of your press brake, together with the independent engineers we can provide also software simulations of the part according to the evolution of the natural inside bending radius or part stresses itself.

Press brake tools storage and stock

Stock for press brake tools

The large storage of standard tools with location in Italy allows us to be prepared for delivery in standard pieces in 2-3 days (24 hours pieces preparation is also discussible, 1 week of preparation of sectioned sets and cutting of tooling), and give to our customers the big advantages of minimum delays and time laps in production. All our tools are packed with wooden cases for high protection against any road damage during transportation and our cooperation with leading Italian forwarders allows providing a fast delivery time to the customer. For example, our forwarder has everyday transport to the Germany direction.
For press brake tools that are not standard in our catalog or with the modification of radius, angle, length, etc. we normally can provide the readiness of the goods in 2 weeks. We prepare all our tools "ready to install and assembly", and our clamps are supplied with all necessary screws, and any additional adapters if used already screwed to the tooling.

Deliveries of press brake tools on the road

Shipment and delivery

Effective shipment is one of the main parts of the tooling supply. We work with different transport companies and courier services for light goods. Deliveries are performed from the factory or temporary stock, we organize shipments around Europe and availability to ship worldwide by air or sea shipment. We are not making profits for shipments and offer complete delivery to the door as part of our service.
If possible by transport services, also fast shipments (24/48 hours) could be performed as well. Some standard, not individual spare parts, like push buttons, are available in stock and we can ship them immediately. Every shipment could be covered by insurance and has the availability of tracking. Multi-transport shipments (for example sea + auto for delivery "to the door") are also available. Main our partner transport companies are represented worldwide with local agents so you can establish also contact with a local agent to deal with all the formalities regarding your delivery.