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Press brake tools Trumpf-WILA on Trumpf press brake
We offer rich selection of standard press brake tools for Trumpf-WILA Style system. Trumpf-WILA is the main tooling system to use with press brakes Trumpf, Safan, modern Prima Power etc. and used on lot of press brakes as the optional tool system. The advantages are long-life tools with high resistance materials, big heights to prevent collisions and possibility of frontal loading.
From the last years could be optionally ordered for Amada press brakes (AMTS type).

Main manufacturers supported:
Amada (AMTS type), Bystronic-Hammerle, Durma, EHT, Finn-Power, Jordi, Gizelis, LVD, Trumpf, Prima Power, RICO PRCN, Safan-Darley, STR, Ursviken etc.
Press brakes with other tooling systems could work with Trumpf-WILA punches and dies through clamping adapters.

Standard lengths:
100, 200, 300, 500 mm; section set (cutted) 550 mm.
Other lengths could be supplied under request. Solid pieces more than 500 mm are also available to supply but normally there is no necessary to use.

Safety pins and buttons (or safety clicks):
In standard all punches are supplied with safety pins for side loading. Any punch could be ordered with buttons to be used for frontal loading if the weight is less than 13,5 kg (normally all short punches and big height with 200-300 mm pieces). Quantity of buttons 1-2 per piece.

Material used:
C45 or C45 quenched, all main punches produced with 42CrMo4.

All main punches are 100% correspond to original OW Trumpf type punches.
The die line "Professional standard" corresponds 100% to original EV Trumpf type dies.
Dies interchangeable with Beyeler-Bystronic system and 100% equal to Beyeler-Bystronic tang configuration.

Different radius production:
Withing hardened area of punch the radius could be modified for small additional price.


point  86° punches (straight and gooseneck types);
point  80° gooseneck type punches;
point  60° punches (straight, acute and gooseneck types);
point  28° punches (straight and acute types);
point  26° punches (straight and acute types);
point  Holders with radius inserts till R50;
point  standard 1V H=100 dies 86° / 80° / 30° till V100 (Economy standard);
point  standard 1V H=100 dies 86° / 84° / 80° / 60° / 30° till V120 (Professional standard);
point  special 1V H=100 dies 86° with R3 (Professional standard);
point  standard 1V H=150 dies 86° / 30° (Economy standard);
point  Hemming flattening sets 24° / 28°;
point  Holders with inserts for Z-bends;
point  Adapters.