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We offer rich selection of standard press brake tools for Promecam (European) Style system. This system is usually installed on main European press brakes and 95% of press brakes with origin from Asia or Turkey. Promecam system is one of the most comfortable to use to follow low and medium tonnages with different variety of tooling for air bending.

Main manufacturers supported:
Press brake tools for machines: Accurl, ACL, Adira, AM Machinery, Amada, Astrida, Augusta, Axial, Baykal, Boschert, Bystronic, Cematek, CMU, CoastOne, Colgar, Colly, Dener Makina, Deratech, Durma, Edward Pearson, Ermaksan, Femas, Fratelli Farina, GADE, Gasparini, Gecko, Gelber Bieger, Gilardi, Gizelis, Guifil, HACO (Atlantic), Harsle, Hammerle, Hesse, Hezinger, Hilalsan, IMAL, Inanlar, Ironmac, ITEK, Jean Perrot, JFMI, JMT USA, Jordi, KAAST, Karmet, Kingsland, Knuth, Kruman, LoirSafe, Mecos, MVD INAN, Nargesa, OMAG, Peliant, Probend, Rico, RMT, Salvagnini, Schiavi, SMD, STR, Tabama, Teda, TCI Cutting, UZMA, Vartek, Vicla, Vimercati, Warcom, Yangli, YSD etc.
Press brakes with other tooling systems could work with Promecam dies if support flat bottom tools and for punches - through clamping adapters.

Standard lengths:
415, 835 mm; section set (cutted) 805 mm.
Other lengths could be supplied under request. Solid pieces more than 835 mm are also available to supply but normally there is no necessary to use.

Material used:
C45 or C45 quenched, several punches produced with 42CrMo4. 42CrMo4 standard punches could be also requested but should be considered as special tooling.

Different radius production:
Withing hardened area of punch the radius could be modified for small additional price.


point  90° punches (straight, acute and gooseneck types);
point  88° punches (straight, acute and gooseneck types, including big height up to 200 mm);
point  85° punches (straight, gooseneck types);
point  60° punches (straight, acute, formed radius and gooseneck types, including big height radiused punch up to 200 mm);
point  45° punches (straight, acute, formed radius types);
point  35° punches (straight, acute, formed radius types);
point  30° punches (straight, acute, formed radius types);
point  26° punches (straight, acute, formed radius types);
point  Holders with radius inserts till R50;
point  2V dies (Amada style) 90° / 88° / 60° / 30° including auto-centered dies;
point  2V / 3U / 4V dies 85-88° / 85° / 60°;
point  standard 1V dies 85° / 80° / 70° / 60° / 45° / 30° till V220;
point  T-shape 1V dies (H=80 and H=120) V6-V25 90° / 88° / 85° / 60° / 45° / 30°;
point  Die inserts 1V V4-V25 88° / 85° / 60° / 30°;
point  Die holders with polyurethane inserts;
point  Hemming flattening dies V6-V12 35° / 30° / 26° including pneumatric types;
point  Hemming flattening sets 24° / 28°;
point  Holders with inserts for Z-bends;
point  Punch holders;
point  Die holders and elongation adapters;
point  Adapters.

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