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Press brake film for bending without marks

Press brake film for bending without marks
Together with the press brake tooling, we are able to supply additional units for sheet metal production shops and press brakes daily operation such as manual tooling for measurement (angles, radius, etc.), press brake bending film, storage cabinets, various holders, supports and adapters for different systems of press brakes to change from one to another.

The bending film and bending with the film is highly recommended for bending activities on press brake to fabricate the products with decorative or polished, ground, brushed, finished surfaces or with coating, production of kitchen and restaurant furniture, lifts, building and interior panels, reduction of costs for post-bending preparation of parts during the fabrication process. The film could be used as it is with any tooling or press brake with manual positioning or usage of special holders to fix and rotate after consumption.

Why would you need it:
list If you are looking for protection from scratches, marks and prints, and other possible surface defects during bending
list Your surface of the part is already prepared (ground or finished)
list For prepainted parts bending
list No additional work after bending
list Parts after galvanic treatment, plated or other coating applied
list Additional die protection
list Non-possibility of reworking parts (removing marks and other surface preparation is hard or impossible)

Press brake film for bending without marks

About our press brake bending film:

list Premium quality, made in Germany or Italy
list Usable on any machine and any press brake tools
list The most simple solution to bend without marks compare to polyurethane, nylon, and other tools
list Economic solution
list High resistance against oil, grease, dirt, and other contamination
list Fixation with everything from simple magnets to special holders to install on the bending die
list Elastic material
list Long duration of use
list Applicable for any material such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloys, etc.

If you didn't work with the bending film before and want to try it for your application you can contact us and we will discuss with you the supply of several meters of bending film for tests and verifications (purchase of complete roll is not requested).

Some photos to explain the possible differences:
Press brake film for bending without marks
Press brake film for bending without marks
Press brake film for bending without marks

The delivery program:

list 0,4 x 100 mm width (length of roll 54 m)
list 0,5 x 100 mm width (length of roll 45 m)
list 0,5 x 105 mm width (length of roll 30 m)
list 0,6 x 100 mm width (length of roll 45 m)
list 0,8 x 90 mm width (length of roll 30 m)
list 0,8 x 100 mm width (length of roll 18 m)
list Width 150-200 mm ; 1,0 and 2,0 mm thickness film is available under request.

We are able also to follow your special measurements and thickness if necessary or to recommend the size according to the thickness you want to bend. Please note that sizes are production programs for today, and could be changed for similar or near, canceled, etc. without any prior notice. Please contact us with any questions.

Our company is able to supply also other non-mark bending solutions like V-shape nylon inserts (as a replacement for standard dies) and holders; polyurethane inserts and complete tools in polyurethane; protective cloth and film which is used for big opening dies, big radius bends and big thickness bending.