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Press brake tools Promecam system


Press brake tools for machines: Accurl, ACL, Adira, AM Machinery, Amada, Astrida, Augusta, Axial, Baykal, Blecken, Boschert, Bystronic, Cematek, CMU, CoastOne, Colgar, Colly, Dener Makina, Deratech, Durma, Edward Pearson, Ermaksan, Femas, Fratelli Farina, GADE, Gasparini, Gecko, Gelber Bieger, Gilardi, Gizelis, Guifil, HACO (Atlantic), Harsle, Hammerle, Hesse, Hezinger, Hilalsan, IMAL, Inanlar, Ironmac, ITEK, Jean Perrot, JFMI, JMT USA, Jordi, KAAST, Karmet, Kingsland, Knuth, Kruman, LoirSafe, Mecos, MVD INAN, Nargesa, OMAG, Peliant, Probend, Rico, RMT, Salvagnini, Schiavi, SMD, STR, Tabama, Teda, TCI Cutting, UZMA, Vartek, Vicla, Vimercati, Warcom, Yangli, YSD etc.
We supply solid pieces 415, 835 mm; section set (cutted) 805 mm and complete sets for the full length of your press brake.

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Press brake tools Trumpf-WILA system


Press brake tools for machines: Amada (AMTS type), Bystronic-Hammerle, Durma, EHT, Finn-Power, Jordi, Gizelis, LVD, Trumpf, Prima Power, RICO PRCN, Safan-Darley, STR, Ursviken etc.
We supply solid pieces 100, 200, 300, 500 mm; section set (cutted) 550 mm and complete sets for the full length of your press brake according to the customized pieces or the same as original tooling.
For TRUMPF-WILA press brake tools we can offer 100% compatible tools as original.
Dies could be used with Beyeler-Bystronic system.

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Press brake tools Beyeler-Bystronic system


Press brake tools for machines: Bystronic-Beyeler (Euro-A, RF-A, R, S), Edwards Pearson, Safan, Bystronic, Beyeler etc.
We supply solid pieces 100, 500, 1000 mm; section set (cutted) 1100 mm and complete sets for the full length of your press brake.
Dies could be used with Trumpf-WILA system.

Press brake tools for special applications and special geometries


Special tools for customized applications and parts including forming, several bends in one stroke, Z- or zigzag bending, controlled deformation, coining and stamping etc. The special press brake tools could be supplied for any press brake and system. We can also deliver as specials press brake tools for American style tools, LVD system, EHT, Weinbrenner, Hammerle 3P and standards, COLLY-AJIAL system, HACO system and many others.
Moreover sometimes not only bending process is required to. We are able to study the projects to use the press brake also for the punching operations with the special tooling, for example to form the louvers, punching holes with the special units, to add special formings as logo or symbols etc.

Adjustable press brake dies


Special patented adjustable dies with the exclusive system to change die opening during use. These dies are the best solution to use if to work with big thickness applications, high forces for HD (Heavy Duty) machines and tandem press brakes. Adjustable dies allow to replace the necessity of several heavy and big opening standard dies and moreover change V-opening direcly on the machine with saving of time together with productivity increase.
Models available: V25-125; V65-180; V120-300; V150-400.
In addition there are options of semi-automatic and automatic adjustment system.