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Press brake tools LVD

Press brake tools LVD
We offer press brake tools for LVD press brakes including old blocking systems (classic) and main LVD-W. The advantages are long-life tools with high resistance materials, possibility of frontal loading and mirror positioning for punches. Old LVD systems and Heavy Duty are available as special tools.

LVD press brake tools configuration
Press brake tools Trumpf-WILA sectioned set

Safety pins and buttons (or safety clicks):

In standard all punches are supplied with safety pins for side loading. Any punch could be ordered with buttons to be used for frontal loading if the weight is less than 13,5 kg (normally all short punches and big height with 200-300 mm pieces). Quantity of buttons - 1 for punches up to 100 mm; 2 for punches bigger than 100 mm of length. To install the buttons addition milling of punch is made. Buttons are removable elements and could be easily replaced by the operator if any problem or spring wear. The length of button according to the geometry of the punch, could be not replaceable to the punch with other geometry and width.


Punches of type LVD-W interchangeable with Trumpf-WILA system.
Promecam standard dies could be used with the special adapter.

Press brake punch Trumpf-WILA

Reduced weight punches:

For Trumpf / Wila / LVD type punches with the use of buttons weight is important because buttons could be installed only for pieces lighter than 13,5 kg. If the customer requested bigger sections or big height punches with buttons and works only with thin thickness material, the additional milling / drilling could be done to remove the material and make the total weight of punch ligher than standard.
This could also helps a lot for the operator if he needs to reinstall big and heavy sections of punches as daily work procedure because it is quite hard for physically handle of heavy tools. It could be also the solution for production factories which are looking for automatic or semi-automatic solutions for changes of tools because of the weight. Because additional removal of the material effects the original geometry, punch resistance also is lower than nominal so the recommendations to request this only with the working with thin materials with air bending.
Compare to standard tools, reduced weight punches will also extend the duration of use of the full press brake construction including the upper holder thanks for the reduction of all main forces.
Dies with reduced weight could be also done under the customer request to help the operator to remove the handling of heavy weights during the daily production.

Main details:

list High quality european materials C45 / C45 quenched / 1.2312 / Cr42Mo4
list Working surfaces for bending with 55-60 HRC / 52-58 HRC
list Professional induction hardnening of wear places and areas
list High precision grinding
list Guaranteed replacement to previous supplied pieces
list Parallelism of surfaces
list Marking with all details of the tool
list With the use of upper and lower adapters could be used with other press brake systems

LVD press brake tools production program:

list 78° punches (general, straight and gooseneck types)
list 26° punches (straight and acute types)
list Holders with radius inserts till R50
list Standard 1V dies H=90/130 dies 78° / 60° / 30° / 30° till V120
list Hemming flattening sets 20°
list Holders with inserts for Z-bends
list Adapters

Lengths available:

list 508 mm solid piece
list 550 mm sectioned / segmented set (for punches: 100 mm horn left + 25 mm + 25 mm + 30 mm + 35 mm + 40 mm + 45 mm + 50 mm + 100 mm + 100 mm horn right)
LVD sectioned / segmented punch set
list 550 mm sectioned / segmented set (for dies: 25 mm + 25 mm + 30 mm + 35 mm + 40 mm + 45 mm + 50 mm + 100 mm + 200 mm)
LVD sectioned / segmented die set
list Toolcells modifications (buttons, sections 480 / 625 mm)
list Special lengths calculated based on customer's request: calculated as price for solid piece + additional prices for cut.

Press brake tools modification

Standard possible modifications

We offer also modifications of standard press brake tools for the possibility to use for special solutions and bends if standard geometry leads for collission or other problem with bending process:
list Radius modification for punches and dies
list Special lengths
list Angle modification
list Clamping tang modification
list Additional milling and material removal to prevent special collissions
list Milling of windows
list Horns modifications
list Special coatings