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Special press brake tools

Special press brake tools
What do we name "special press brake tools"? Are tools for press brake for applications that cannot be done o realized with the various standard tools and standard catalogs and geometries even with small modifications. Moreover, a lot of time customers are looking for special tools to optimize the production speed - to realize the tooling to make in 1-2 strokes the part which normally requests more steps or probably requests also tooling change or displacement.
Special tools for customized applications and parts include forming, several bends in one stroke, controlled deformation, coining, stamping, etc. Special press brake tools could be supplied for any press brake and system. We can also deliver specials press brake tools for American-style tools, LVD systems, EHT, Weinbrenner, Hammerle 3P and standards, COLLY-AJIAL systems, HACO systems, and many others, including heavy-duty applications (HD) for bending big-thicknesses and high tonnage.
Moreover sometimes not only the bending process is required. We can study the projects to use the press brake also for the punching operations with the special tooling, for example, to form the louvers, punch holes with the special units, add special formings as logos or symbols, etc.

Main manufacturers supported:

As special press brake tools, we can produce tooling for any press brake with any system including very old and very rare machines. We can proceed with the tooling for any machine with Promecam, Trumpf-WILA, Bystronic-Beyeler, LVD systems, Colgar, EHT, Weinbrenner, Hammerle, Colly, Haco, CBC, Durma / Durmazlar, Darley, Aliko, Somo, American systems, Cincinnati, Pacific and other.

Special press brake tools


Just some ideas on what are special bending tools could be used for:
list Z-bending, zigzag, 2 bends in one time
list V-bending
list Bending sheet metal for corrugated sheet production, siding
list Deep bends inside the part
list Stamping special bends
list Special hemming / flattening applications, for example, door profiles
list Bending of hinges
list Bending U-profiles
list Bending of special profiles for brackets and braces
list Heavy-duty applications bending
list ROTAX tools - bending of closed parts with the possibility for quick unload
list Variable opening adjustable dies - for production optimization when requested the use of various openings of the die and tooling changes
list Bending of tubes, bars, transverse bending of profiles
list Punching on press brake - forming, louvers, notching, punching of holes, embossing, etc.
list Special adapters of Promecam and Trumpf-WILA type to use standard punching tools of Trumpf type

Special press brake tools

Main details:

list High quality European materials C45 / C45 quenched / Cr42Mo4 / 1.2312
list Working surfaces for bending with 55-60 HRC / 52-58 HRC
list Small parts which cannot be hardened are made with the best wear-resistance materials
list Professional induction hardnening of wear places and areas
list High precision grinding
list Guaranteed replacement to previous supplied pieces
list Parallelism of surfaces
list Marking with all details of the tool
list Lengths according to the request and production needs

Special press brake tools
There is no possibility to imagine all solutions and applications for special press brake tools. All requests need a detailed study and also, based on our experience and similar applications we can find the best tooling solution moreover we understand the needs of our potential customers and make the studies and our recommendations the way to find out the most economic and effective production way.
Moreover, we also can do the offers for tooling with big geometries (for example for bending of light poles) and high tonnage tooling with lengths up to 6000-8000 mm in one piece and holes for crane handling and lifting.
Also, robotic bending or automatic tooling changing equipment with the use of special grippers and holders could request the use of tooling with special holes, pins, grooves, etc for easy handling.
All special tools are requests for functional tests, the study of tonnage and material displacement, documentation, and close dialogue with the customer for all steps and all details of the production. Sometimes, special press brake tools could be used for several thicknesses and materials with a small difference in the tolerance and geometries of the final part and profile. Based on our experience we are open-minded and ready for your easy and difficult requests for any bending applications.