Press brake opening / daylight

Press brake opening is one of important parameters after force/tonnage and the length of bending.

Opening or daylight (this parameter could be named differently at various manufacturers) means in general the main distance between upper beam of press brake and the surface of the table. Important to know also for the newcoming of customers for first brake machines what distance exactly the manufacturer uses as opening because it is possible to meet the opening as the distance between the beam and the bottom of the bending die. Moreover it could happen if the holder of the dies is not installed as the additional element and the internal part of the press brake construction (for example grooved).
Normally with standard regimes and simple parts any standard opening should be enough. The big opening should be required to install the big height tools (to bend deep parts or profiles) with the possibility with frontal extraction after.
For these purposes usually manufacturers of press brakes offer the extended versions of machines with bigger openings.
Depends of the tooling system the opening could be different because of the configuration of the upper beam of press brake.

Why it is so important? We will try to explain:

point  At first the opening means the possibility of installation for upper and lower clamps and holders for press brake tools which could have different heights and configurations.

point  At second opening should be known to understand the possible maximum height for installation of press brake tools.

point  With the installed bending tools the rest of opening could be calculated as the possibility of max. opening for the remove of the final part and the max. stroke distance.

Typical configurations for better understanding. These configurations are valid for any press brake with the mentioned press brake system.

Promecam system press brake:

Press brake opening / daylight Promecam

TRUMPF-WILA system press brake:

Press brake opening / daylight Trumpf-WILA