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Bending press brake software simulation


MBend is powerful software package for offline (outside of the machine) preparation of bending programs for your press brake with support of various manufacturers and models on the market. Even with powerful last-generation CNC control with Metalix MBend you can get the possibility to program your machine outside of the workshop with data transfer and provide the access for the possibilities of your press brake machine for your engineering department. For CNC machines without graphic or 2D graphic MBend offers the possibility for the users to have all the programming functions of the most expensive and powerful last generation machines. For old machines Metalix MBend is the greatest solution to integrate the old unit into the digital bending process.

Bending press brake software simulation


For engineer who is familiar with CAD/CAM software and works with 3D dimensional tools there is not a problem to imagine the simple part for the bending and prepare all necessary ways to do it. Several bends quite simple enough, 5-10 bends is special for experienced and skilled engineers and there is no way to make more bends without powerful software or 3D dimensional CNC controller simulation. And the simulation including the possibility to build the correct dimensions and strokes of your press brake, geometry and sizes of press brake tools, work of backgauge and separate fingers together with the part visualization is the only way to build the correct program and sequence for effective and trouble-free bending process with checking of all possible collisions with tools and the machine.

Bending press brake software simulation


Press brake is nothing without the bending tools and press brake software should contain the powerful tooling package for all operations. MBend performs the detailed tooling library including standard tools from the market, possibility to use the special bending tools i.e. hemming and flattening tools, Z-bending tools, special stamping tools, radius tools etc. Together with standard import of CAD files for the tooling, MBend allows to configure customized tooling shapes directly in the system. Software is based not only of the shape and geometry of tool but the allowable forces and preferences. Tooling library helps to prepare the bending simulation in automatic mode with the choosing the suitable tools or the user can point the requested tools in manual way.


point  Parts import with compatibility of 3D models and 2D parts, direct transfers from SolidWorks®, Solid Edge®, and AutoNest®, Invertor® etc.
point  Unfolding of models
point  Offline programming outside of workshop and data transfer
point  Effective reduction of time and boost of productivity - optimized cycles and sequences
point  Powerful press brake tools library and use of available tools
point  Possibility to enter the special tools, adapters, elongation holders etc.
point  Real time 3D visualization and simulation with real sizes, work of backgauge and collision detection
point  Automatic and manual modes
point  Preparation of cycle reports and bending technology for conventional press brakes
point  Generation of NC programs in native original formats
point  Support of hundreds models of press brakes
point  Touch screen version available
point  Optimization and set of parts processing