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Bending die PMD-006 U3MV

Press brake bending die PMD-006 U3MV
3U bending die PRC-EUR SYSTEM LINE (Euro type); U-opening 6 / 10 / 18, bending to 55-60°; Max. tonnage 100 t/m; Material C45

PMD-006 U3MV
U groove (bending to 55-60°)
6 / 10 / 18
60 mm
Max. tonnage
100 t/m
23,9 kg/m

Technical sheet (EN) ❯❯❯ DXF download ❯❯❯


L=835 mm solid
195.00 EUR
L=415 mm solid
123.75 EUR
L=805 sectioned set
354.00 EUR

list 805 mm sectioned / segmented set (for dies: 200 mm + 10 mm + 15 mm + 20 mm + 40 mm + 50 mm + 370 mm + 100 mm)
Promecam (Euro) sectioned / segmented die set


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